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MW Roofing carry out flat roof repairs in your area of Worksop. Having an experienced  team of highly qualified roof professionals, we can carry out flat roof repairs Worksop, plus many other aspects of domestic and industrial roofing.

There are many premises with Asbestos roofs and side cladding in and around Worksop.
MW Roofing provide a replacement solution for Asbestos. We use fully qualified and licensed waste asbestos removal contractors, then we can replace your premises in Worksop with Plastisol metal sheeting. For more information on Asbestos replacement in Worksop click here    

In Worksop we repair pitched and flat roofs, we can also strip and completely repair the roof structure and then replace with a new roof that is in keeping with your building. This would make your house garage or extension in Worksop look outstanding from the outside, but in addition ensures your new roof in Worksop will last a long time, keeping you dry and warm.

In Worksop, MW Roofing also carries out coloured roof coatings. This is a special process that allows you to keep your existing roof.  MW Roofing clean, repair and replace damaged tiles with matched tiles and then colour coat your roof, in a sympathetic colour of your choice. This then makes your roof look like brand new which is then the envy of your neighbours in Worksop.

MW Roofing also fit Firestone flat roofs to flat roof structures in Worksop, such as garages and sheds. Please see our Flat roofing page to see what a flat roof repair in Worksop will look like.

MW Roofing also replaces unsightly concrete guttering in Worksop. The technical name for concrete gutters is Finlock gutters. Installed in Worksop during the 1950ís, 60ís and 70ís they carried out two functions of closing the cavity at the top of the brickwork and providing a maintenance free (or so they thought at the time) gutter system. Give MW Roofing a call regarding your concrete gutter replacement.

MW Roofing pride themselves in Worksop, with expert replacement of Fascias, Soffits, Bargeboards and Guttering. We repair and replace damaged ends to existing roofing timbers, and ensure that the new high quality product integrates properly with your existing felt and tiles so that your domestic or industrial premises in Worksop has received the highest quality of work making it look special.

If you wish MW Roofing to contact you in Worksop then please either ring us on the Free phone number above or contact us by filling in our online form. We hope to see you in Worksop in the near future.

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