Roof Soffits
Soffits are the under boards to the roof where it hangs over your property walls. Normally these soffits are made of various materials mainly wood or even ply board.

Behind the soffit you normally find a space where air comes into the roof space stopping the roof trusses from rotting. However these areas over time deteriorate from debris and dust on the inside the cavity attracting damp, and from the ravages of weather from the outside. If they are not looked after rot will surely set in.

We also carry out wall cladding in the same UVpvc product. See the pictures above where we renewed  soffits, fascias and cladding on both front and back of the property. We also replaced the flat roofs with Firestone EPDM rubber roofing to the dormer bays in the roof front and back.

MW roofing normally find that a full fit of Soffits and Fascia's will be required as the end roof timbers will normally be damaged too, however in the above case we can integrate the system to make a real difference.

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