Full Roof replacement

MW Roofing carry out full re roofing both domestic and industrial premises. MW Roofing offer a range of services from finding leaks, and replacing tiles, to a full re roof. We can supply any type of tile or colour to match your home exactly.

Whilst roofs are always built to last, age and weather will eventually deteriorate even the strongest of roofs. When that happens, MW Roofing make the ideal choice to come and replace it for you. Everything we do comes expertly fitted with a full excellent roofing guarantee, designed to give you absolute peace of mind.

Re roofing normally occurs when the tiles are worn out through freeze crack damage, or the roof is becoming weak as a result of torching inside falling away. This is so with none concrete type tiles such as 'Rosemay' type tiles.

Also the roof timbers may need to be replaced due to rot or insect infestations.

MW Roofing can strip repair and replace your roof in accordance to the local authority planning regulations. We also carry out strengthening as requested by the the local authority when required.

We can supply any type or colour of tile so that it matches you home exactly.

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