Firestone EPDM Fully Adhered Flat Roofing System

Flat Roofing repairs and installations need a qualified Fire Stone roofing contractor. MW roofing have that qualification to fit flat rubber roofing to the highest standard.

Rubber has replaced the old tar and felt which in time cracked and leaked. It also attracted moss and lichen which held water, leading to damp and rotting roof timbers.
With Firestone EPDM fully adhered flat rubber roofing system you get the following benefits:-

● In most cases fitted in one whole piece of rubber
● Designed for life expectancy of 50 years
● Uv stable
● Will withstand temperatures of -45C 
● Application on any slope
● Applicable to unusual roof configurations
● Lightweight system
● High wind uplift performance
● Aesthetics
● Can be used on Domestic roofs, Extensions, Verandas, Garages, Carports to name a few.

The EPDM membrane is fully adhered directly to the substrate using Firestone Bonding Adhesive. When necessary, adjoining sheets are overlapped and spliced with QuickSeam Splice Tape. All flashings around roof perimeters and penetrations are installed in accordance with Firestone specifications.

This system can be used for industrial and residential use which makes it flexible and easily fitted to an existing flat roof.

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